Google Analytics for Beginners

Introduction to Google Analytics

There is much more to Analytics than you probably know.



April, 2018

9 a.m. - 11 a.m.


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Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is all about measuring the effectiveness of your website.

You’ve probably spent lots of time and money to build a website. But that’s wasted effort unless you understand how people are coming to your site and if they’re finding what they’re looking for. Google Analytics gives you that insight.  


  • How visitors found your site. Is it from organic searches? Your e-mail campaigns? Your paid campaigns? Other websites? Knowing what’s driving traffic to your website is critical to understanding and measuring your marketing effectiveness.
  • What visitors did on your site. What were your most popular pages? What search terms did visitors use? What pages did visitors particularly not like? Were the results the same across gender / location / age?
  • Did your visitors do what you wanted them to do? Maybe you want them to sign up for a newsletter, or to fill out a contact-us form, or view / purchase products, or respond to a promotion. We’ll examine the importance of setting up goals for your website and measuring them.
  • The importance of segmenting your data. If you just look at overall data, you’ll lose the insights that deeper dives give you.
  • How does your site compare to similar sites? Is there something you can learn from what other people like you are doing with their websites?
  • Is the data you’re looking at in GA actually valid? We’ll talk about the importance of good data hygiene and how to make sure you’re capturing the data you think you are.
  • How to customize GA to your specific environment.


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Fred Pike

Fred PIke

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