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Why get your certification through Northwoods?

We won’t deny it. If you’re looking for digital marketing training in the Milwaukee area, there are a plethora of options to choose from. So, why choose the Northwoods Digital Academy?


Teaching isn’t our day job, and we’re proud of that. Our instructors’ primary jobs are to provide digital marketing strategy and implementation to clients in a variety of industries, from multi-million manufacturing companies, to small non-profits. We take that real-world experience and bring it in to our courses, providing real-world examples along with the best practices you need to succeed in today’s digital marketing industry.

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CUSTOMIZABLE Certification Requirements

The Northwoods Digital Academy certification has only four required courses – the rest is up to you. Want to take a deeper dive into social media advertising? Great, we have an elective course on that. Would you rather develop a greater understanding of Google AdWords? We can help with that too. Unlike other certifications, where every course is pre-determined, you have the flexibility to choose which elective topics are the best fit for your career needs. 

Required Courses

You will take four core classes in all relevant areas of digital marketing. 

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Elective Courses

You can then choose areas of specialization for your final two courses.

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a pRICE yOU caN'T bEAT

Our total certification program will cost you $700, the price of a single course in other certification programs. However, a lower price does not equal a lower quality course. Our courses provide the same in-depth knowledge from experienced instructors as other programs, at a reduced cost. 


At the end of your courses, you will get a printable certificate and, even better, a solid foundation in understanding digital marketing. The demand for smart and well-trained digital marketers is not going away – and this is one way to grow your skills and increase your understanding of this vibrant field.

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Northwoods Digital Academy is not affiliated with any accredited institution. Earning a certification from Northwoods Digital Academy is not a guarantee the recipient will receive a job offer.