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    Kneader use and safety matters

    1. Before use, check the fasteners for looseness and clean up the debris in the mixing tank.

    2. Check whether the electrical wiring is correct and the machine should have a ground wire.

    3. The user must perform dry running before feeding, and check whether the operation of the host is consistent with the nameplate after the wiring of the host, the electric heating condition, the connection of the thermocouple on the temperature controller, and the display of the temperature control meter. The temperature controller is a temperature controller. The temperature controller only displays the temperature and temperature when the heating knob is turned on. The user must set the limit temperature on the temperature controller according to the process temperature.

    4. The operation of the kneader is simple. First open the lid, feed, close the lid, and turn on the main unit to run. During the operation, the reversing and heating can be intermittently turned on.

    5. When the kneading process is finished, the heating should be turned off first. When discharging is difficult, the starting motor is allowed to reverse to help discharge. At this time, the operator's hand is strictly prohibited from reaching into the cylinder.


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