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    Welcome to Nantong First Machinery Products Co.,Ltd
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    Nantong First Machinery Products Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing kneading machines. It's a scientific and technological enterprise that intergrated scientific research & development,production & sales and service.

    First-class management and first-class service has created FIRST first-grade product quality.It's FIRST goal to strive for the first and achieve new high forever.FIRST has gained the UKAS-ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Management System certificate.

    FIRST owns the most professional and excellent R&D of science and technology team.FIRST kneading machines are always in leading position of same trade through R&D of science and technology interacting with consumer's processing technique and valuable advices after using FIRST items,technical exchange between FIRST and European engineering works,technical cooperation between FIRST and famous colleges & institutes.

    FIRST adopts advanced computer system aided product design,combines a sound quality assurance system and complete detection means.FIRST possesses of all kinds of finishing machines,large scale and lean processing equipments.With stronger soldering ability,metal-cutting and electrical control capacity,FIRST can design and manufacture single or complete project equipments & non-standard equipments from from pint-sized laboratory kneading machines to volume-produce industrial heavy kneading machines.FIRST makes contributions to customers from all over the world and FIRST kneading machines are running efficiently in most factories in the world.

    FIRST kneading machine are wildly used in silicone rubber,plastic mold, ink, dope, pigments, dyes, resins, carbon, emulsion,CMC,BMC,chemical engineering,plastic, medicine, food, magnetic tape, urea-formaldehyde moulding powder,corhart, pencil,glass steel,ceramics,starch,matrix,electric welding rod and other industries.Series products is being made from 1 liter to 6000 liter.

    FIRST advocates and follows logos of quality first,consumers first.FIRST---Loyalty and trust create future.

    Quality like brand FIRST keeps pace with the world.

    FIRST lies in economically developed and picturesque Yangzte River delta,faces the Yellow Sea on the east and Yangzte River on the west.Location of company---Dongchen Industry Park which is close to the exist to Rugao of Coastal Expressway and Rugao Xin-chang Railway station.The waterway transportation is very convenient.

    The staff members of FIRST putting honesty and trust first welcome you and your friends to visit the company for direction, business and cooperation.


    Nantong First Machinery Products Co.,Ltd

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    Add.:No.28,Xindong Road,Dongchen Industry Park,Zhongshan East Road, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province